Q. What is Paint Protection Film (PPF aka Clear Bra)?
A. Paint Protection Film is urethane film, which is normally applied to high impact areas of your vehicle to help protect your paint from damaging road debris. (ie. Rocks, sand, bugs, and other small objects)

Q. . Why should you choose to install a clear bra?
A. As today's paint technology evolves, so has the culture of maintaining our vehicle's paint. Paint maintenance is no longer about using the proper wax or sealants to protect the paint's surface from the environment. With recent mandated changes in the automotive paint industry, manufacturers are required to use softer water-born paints as an industry standard due to environmental regulations. This new type of paint chips more easily from regular day to day driving. Although the paint clarity and shine are not affected by the paint's composition, the strength and durability of the paint has decreased. Help protect your paint from harsh conditions that may blemish your finish. Stones, sand, road debris and bug acids eat away at one of your biggest investments. Our Paint Protection Film from 3M and Venture Shield protect like no other.

Q. Is there a difference between PPF brands? Which do you use?
A. Yes! There are many different types of films on the market. Each having different qualities and pricing. We only use the best materials available, that is why we only carry 3M and Venture Shield.

Q. . But, I see another shop charge less money?
A. They say "You get what you pay for". A lot of fly by night shops use inferior products at a lower cost, which allows them to charge lower pricing. Generally with the lower quality materials, their life span is not very long and the customer ends ups replacing the film a few months afterwards.

Q. Why should I go to HD Auto Salon?
A. We not only take care of your vehicle as if it were one of our own but we are backed by one of the biggest corporations out there. Along with 3M's product guarantee, we at HD Auto Salon back up all our work with our own shop guarantee on all our services. Also all our technicians are 3M and Venture Shield Certified*

Q. What is the difference between HD Auto Salon's guarantee opposed to other shop guarantees?
A. Other shops only guarantee their materials and will charge you additional cost to reinstall their clear bra. Since we are backed by 3M, our guarantee allows us to cover the material and labor.

Q. What is the difference between a pre-cut kit and full custom install?
A. Our pre-cut kits are computer generated designs from 3M that are cut on our 66" plotter. These kits generally cover the high impact areas of your bumper, part of your hood and fenders. We offer full custom kits that cover entire panels of the car which minimize the visible lines that are seen on the pre cut kits.

Q. What causes yellowing on the film? Does this happen to your film?
A. The yellowing of the film occurs when dust and debris are left on the car and not properly cleaned off. Yellowing does sometimes occur, but is very minimal with 3M films.

Q. Is the application of the film permanent?
A. No, the PPF is completely reversible, but does require professional removal.